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Xperia X10 mini

Monday, July 12, 2010

    So I’ve been using my X10 mini for ten days now, and it has been quite a bumpy ride:

    Last weekend I had to charge it about every six/eight hour. I have to admit that I did use it a lot in the beginning, but i was still shocked to see how bad the battery was: I mean a mobile phone which requires a cord isn’t really mobile :S

    After I got back from my weekend I decided to change back to my Nokia 5800, just to have a phone I could use over night without charging it. At the same time I also sent an email to CDON telling them that I wanted to return the phone. (yeah, I know it’s a bit strange to bue a phone from cdon…) CDON was really nice and explained to me (without question) how I could return the phone. Even though I had given up on the battery, I really thought the phone was excellent, so the next day I decided to start reading reviews and blogs to figure out if there where anything I could do to extend the battery life. I also asked a co-worker who gave me some information I found hard to believe….

    Even so, after a day of reading and charging the phone, I figured out that it wasn’t all that crappy as expected and I’ve now managed to get the lifespan from eight hours to more than two days! So this is what I did:

    The crappy thing about the bullets above is that I did it all at once, so I cannot really tell which one worked, but at least doing them all works for me and I’m now quite happy with the phone! Of course having a smart phone, battery lasting for days, big screen, small form factor…. It’s just not possible these days for me to achieve the ultimate phone, so I need to settle for something.

    Other useful/cool applications


    Root the phone. Replace the rest of the crap with Android 2.x.


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