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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

    I’ve managed to get Xgl to work! (Special thanks to DavidK-64 for A: telling me about Xgl B: helping me get through the basic install-steps It’s really amazing, you just got to see for yourself to get the real impression. The compiz manager features Wobbling windows, transparancy, a new “switcher” and a whole lot more. I’m truly speachless. This is the best eye-candy I’ve ever experienced. Even though I’m no fan of windows, It will be interresting to see how Vista’s 3D effects will be, compared to Xgl+compiz… The basic install-steps are really quite basic - at least in ubuntu with nvidia:

    1. Install Xgl and compiz* packages
    2. Start Xgl and xterm
    3. su - <username>
    4. Start compiz + gnome
    5. Run gconf-editor and configure the plugins
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